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Subscription Benefits

The first grant you receive will more than cover your annual subscription cost (and maybe several years)!

From the minute you subscribe, PA Foundations Online will provide you with these exclusive benefits:

  • Time Savings: our searchable database saves you countless hours, compared to the time needed to search the Internet, Guidestar, funders' individual websites, or print media.
  • Customized Individualized Training: by experienced development professionals who help you get started immediately finding funders to fit your mission.
  • Ease of Use: In minutes you learn how to find the information you need. Board members, volunteers, or interns can easily use this tool.
  • Updated Information: PA Foundations Online offers the most recent information available about funders. Our profiles are constantly being updated and revised.
  • New Funders: we are always searching for newly created foundations to profile.
  • Comprehensive Grant Listing: we offer comprehensive lists of prior grants made by the funder, to give you the most complete information about the funder's giving patterns and preferences. Most online services offer only a small sample of prior grants.
  • Search by PA Region: this exclusive feature allows the researcher to search for funders in a specific geographic region in Pennsylvania to provide a broader, yet still targeted, search.
  • Detailed Guidelines Information: we offer complete information about funders' guidelines, policies, and due dates.
  • Affordable Prices: Our prices are already very low. And we offer scholarships to fit any non-profit’s budget.

Join the other non-profits throughout the Commonwealth that have made
PA Foundations Online part of their grantseeking strategy.

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