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Helpful Links

Helpful Links to Information about Non-Profits in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Association of Non-Profit Organizations, www.pano.org - a statewide membership organization serving the nonprofit community through leadership, advocacy, education and services

Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations - www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/charities/12444
information about Pennsylvania laws governing non-profit organizations, registration forms and requirements

Here are some helpful links to resources about Grant Writing

Grant Writing Tip Sheets, http://grants.nih.gov/grants/grant_tips.htm
General grant-writing tutorials as well as specific information about applying for National Institutes of Health grants.

Non-profit Guides, www.npguides.org
Grant-writing tools for nonprofits, including tips, sample proposals, and links.

Successful Grant Writing, www.generalcode.com/grants/grant_writing_get_started.html
A grant-writing consultant's outline of the basic steps necessary for planning the grant-writing process.

Writing a Successful Grant Proposal, www.mcf.org/mcf/grant/writing.htm
The Minnesota Council on Foundations' detailed outline of a grant proposal, which is particularly oriented to project proposals.

The GrantsmanShip Center, www.tgci.com - resource for state government grants

Federal grants, www.grants.gov - contains all you need to know about seeking federal funding

Delaware Valley Grantmakers, www.dvg.org - contains information about grantmakers in the Delaware Valley, as well as PDFs of the Common Grant Application and Common Report Form, accepted by many foundations in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Grant Writing Guidelines for Businesses, www.cornersstoneondemand.com/grant-writing-guidelines-businesses - contains information about types of grants and grant writing for businesses. Thank you to Ms. Davis’s Youth Development class in Seattle, Washington for providing this useful link.